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Friday, March 31, 2017

How to Boot into Recovery Mode for Samsung, Nexus, LG, HTC, etc.

iReparo for Android: How to Boot into Recovery Mode

Samsung Galaxy 

Press and hold Volume up + Power + Home buttons at the same time for a few seconds. 

 Redmi (MIUI 8) 

 Step 1. On Home screen, find and tap the Tools folder.
Step 2. Tap Updater.
Step 3. Tap the three-dot menu.
Step 4. Choose Reboot to Recovery mode.
Step 5. Choose Reboot now
 to confirm your choice.
Please note that the bootloader of most Redmi is locked. So you'll only see a screen asking you to connect phone.

Google Nexus

Power off Google Nexus first. Press the “Volume Down” and “Volume Up”, “Power” button at the same time. After you see the word “Start”, press “Volume-” twice to direct “Recovery”. Then press the “Power” button to access recovery mode. 


Power off LG device first. Hold the “Power” and “Volume-” button at the same time. When the LG logo shows up, release the button. Immediately press “Power” and “Volume-” button again until hard reset menu shows. Then press “Power” button and LG device will boot into recovery mode.


Go to “Settings”, click “Power”, and find “Fast Boot”. Turn “Fast Boot” off. Then turn off HTC device. After that, hold “Volume down” and “Power” key at the same time. Keep pressing “Volume down” to enter boot loader mode. After press “Power” button, HTC device will enter into recovery mode.

Enter Recovery Mode with Apps

If none of the above methods works for your phone, you can try third-party apps, like Reboot Manager, which can reboot Android device into recovery mode easily. However, this kind of apps usually require root access.

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